An Eclectic Gallery & Boutique
with Handmade Clothing, Accessories
& Much More!

2441 NW 43rd St Suite #9
Thornebrook Village
Gainesville, Fl 32606

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Malgorzata's Gallery & Boutique opened in the fall of 2011 and featured my hand woven (and hand sewn) rayon, rayon-chenille, and cotton clothing (see I have been weaving for over 20 years and in the last years I focused on employing a lot of color and texture in yarns that I use for weaving (instead of using complex patterns as I have done in the past). This resultant fabric is very suitable for clothing. I then developed a colorful line of hand dyed silk and rayon scarves as well as garments that provided lighter weight clothing.

Finding unique, creative and beautifully crafted objects of art is fun and displaying them in the gallery a real pleasure. We have artwork from over 200 artists and craftsmen in the gallery now and we are constantly saying good-bye to some and adding new ones. Therefore it is impossible to show all I have in this ever changing environment on the website. The other pages give just a glimpse of what you will find when you come and visit our gallery.

Watch our Local Discovery video and get a tour of the Gallery!

I look forward to meeting you!