An Eclectic Gallery & Boutique
with Handmade Clothing, Accessories
& Much More!

2441 NW 43rd St Suite #9
Thornebrook Village
Gainesville, Fl 32606

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Malgorzata's Gallery & Boutique opened in the fall of 2011 and featured my hand woven (and hand sewn) rayon, rayon-chenille, and cotton clothing (see

Finding unique, creative and beautifully crafted objects of art is fun and displaying them in the gallery a real pleasure. We have artwork from over 200 artists and craftsmen in the gallery now and we are constantly saying good-bye to some and adding new ones. Therefore it is impossible to show all I have in this ever changing environment on the website. The other pages give just a glimpse of what you will find when you come and visit our gallery.

Watch our Local Discovery video and get a tour of the Gallery!

I look forward to meeting you!